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Our offer

What we do

Seo/Sem positioning/campaigns

We offer complex campaigns in organic positioning, google, and social media.

Videos, 3d visualizations, animations

We conduct video productions, providing scripts and means of execution. We promote brands through video marketing, using 3d enhancement and animation.

E-Commerce online stores

We create and maintain online stores, helping increase traffic, conversion, and sales rates.

Mobile applications

We support our clients by developing and implementing mobile apps, both online and offline (trade fairs).

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Rehau Composite Terraces

Composite terrace RELAZO - view online.

Vide ad and a series of instructional and training films.

MoveON We are all athletes

MoveON offers a range of products for sportspeople, and more. We are all athletes.

The brand participated in the 17th PKO Poznań Marathon and the 2016 Sport Expo fair. As part of a 2-day event, we produced a film covering a press conference, the marathon run, and the sports fair.

Porta Posnania ICHOT, Poznań

The scope of our responsibilities included continuous technical and content administration of the www.bramapoznania.pl website. As part of our work, we have optimized the website and expanded its functionality.

We have also created an independent Portal for educational projects, and a video report from the event during the May picnic.

Kupiec Sp. z o.o., leading food producer in Poland

As part of the "Zdrowe nietrudne" [Healthy is Easy] project, we have produced a series of films aimed at promoting healthy eating habits among children. The list of Kupiec brand ambassadors includes a number of Polish culinary celebrities, among others Piotr Kucharski.

Within the scope of our services, we also developed the kupiec.pl website, alongside the zdrowenienudne.pl portal, a YouTube channel, and a facebook profile for the company. On top of it, we supervised a number of online competitions and implemented a SEO campaign.

ARIEL Deweloper

Ariel is a construction developer whose operations are focused in Poznań’s suburban areas. We regularly provide Ariel with image building materials, including 3d visualizations and animations promoting new housing estates.

A part of our campaigns, we have created a range of animated cartoons highlighting the main assets of a housing estate. We also produced a series of video reports from the construction site.

Culture.pl Auditions Instytut Adama Mickiewicza

We have implemented a range of functional and administrative changes during the registration and auditions for I, Culture Orchestra candidates.

We also provide the system of assessment for the ICO auditions jury, and fine-tune any technical issues on the platform.

Colson Poland, Producer of wheels and wheel sets

Colson Poland produces wheels for broad purposes: warehouses, shops, hospitals, bakeries, etc.

As part of our campaigns, we have created a package of 2d animations and short video ads.

Farbigerraum.de 3D letters, Wall decorations

Farbigerraum.de is an online store offering wall decorations and ornamentation for children furniture.

Our scope of responsibilities included coming up with the company name, designing its logo, and developing its online store. We also created a set of animated cartoons to provide content for Farbigerraum.de’s promotional campaign.

ITA measuring systems

ITA offers a range of measuring and tool systems solutions. The company has its own lab, where it conducts its material research and metrological tests (length, angles, etc.).

We are responsible for maintenance and development of ITA’s websites, including the design of independent subpages for registrations to conferences and trainings in the field.

International Cochran Piano Competition

We administer and develop the website, increasing its functionality, efficiency, and user navigability with each subsequent edition of the competition.

We are responsible for website maintenance, video service, and laureate webpages.

„Arriving at perfection in complex corporate projects requires the ability to pick professional collaborators. Together, we have come up with an international promotional video and as many as fifteen instructional videos.”

Patryk Gagatek
Publicity and Communications Manager, Corporate Marketing Services


„A great dose of flexibility is an asset in any business relation, in particular when working with corporate clients. The instructional video was a full package service, which included script, graphic design, filming, editing, and translation into 8 language versions! Montownia.com’s was a fully professional and timely delivery.”

Monika Podsiadło
PL Regional Learning and Development Manager

Amazon Fulfillment Center Poland

"The preparation of an instructional video for our patients was a daunting task. We had to shoot at greatly divergent hours, but the film crew was always there for us: invariably on time, and able to deliver an exquisite final product."

Krystyna Kałek
Rehabilitation Clinic Manager

Wielkopolskie Centrum Onkologii

About us

About us

  • SEO/SEM · Marketing
  • Video · 3D
  • Mobile ·

We are a group of interactive marketing specialists. Since 2010, we have received commissions for the design, development, and optimization of websites, as well as online advertising and social media.

We provide ongoing assistance with all of our implemented products, along with admin services and development with existing systems.

We promote brands through Video Marketing, creating content for online campaigns and independent video productions. We also provide advanced 3d visualizations, and animations of products, figures, and interiors.

Last but not least, we design mobile apps to support your sales rates and client relations.



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